April 1st, 2018

Easter Sunday the Resurrection of the Lord

March 30th, Good Friday (VIERNES SANTO)
NO 7:30am Mass (8am Morning Prayer)
12 Noon – Passion Service (English), with Sign Language
3:00pm – Spanish Passion Service followed by Living Stations/Liturgia de la Pasión (Español), después el Vía Cruces en Vivo
7:00pm – Passion Service (English)

March 31st, Saturday, Easter Vigil (VIGILIA PASCUAL)
1:00pm Blessing of food for Easter
NO 2:30pm Confessions
NO 4pm Vigil Mass
7:00pm – Vigil Mass (Bilingual)

April 1st, Easter Sunday (DOMINGO de PASCUA)
7:30am – Mass (English)
9:30am – Mass in Church (English) with Sign Language
9:45am – Mass in the Hall (English)
11:30am – Misa en la Iglesia (Español)
11:45am – Misa en el Salón (Español)
NO 5:00pm Sunday Mass
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